You are an integral part of OLOP church. Without your continued support and donation, it is impossible for the church to continue to grow and prosper and celebrate another one hundred years. Therefore, your donations and contributions are greatly appreciated. Please mail your contribution to the church address below.


We will have several different committees to assist us in making this celebration a successful and memorable event. Please reach out to father Fadi, Matt Thomas or deacon Jean if you are interested. Your involvement will make our anniversary that much memorable and successful.


Please contribute to the anniversary book in memory of a faithful departed, to support a business  or a general contribution to the church. Please see Jacques Barbour or any member of his committee.


The foundation of the church is built on its parishioners. Without the continued support of our benefactors OLOP church cannot survive. Thank you in advance for all of your contributions and donations for making our celebration a successful one. The hope of this celebration is that our children and grand children can celebrate another one hundred years by providing them the foundation as our "forbears" did for us. 


We are truly appreciative of all that you do in our parish, and of the generous gifts of talent, time, ideas, and especially prayers. Your generosity is always needed and we thank you in advance for supporting your church Our Lady of Purgatory. With faith, hope, and love as we continue our journey together with God's grace for the next one-hundred years.

We will make available a copy DVD of the Hafli and the Divine Liturgy for a donation of $20.00. Please see Deacon Jean for a copy. A sign up sheet will be available at the church to place your order. Thank you for your support.

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